InLine Filter

The InLine Alti Filter EDC-EDM series are safety filter used to protect blowers, high pressure fans, compressors.


Designes for applications in suction side or in over-pressure side till +/- 0,49 bar. Inlet and outlet connections are furnished in a horizontal in-line configuration.

All models provide a large filtering area to reduce at the minimum the pressure drop across the filter. Many are the possibilities to install differents filter elements. Standard elements are manufactured with polyester or synthetic filter medium used as pre-filters till to arrive to high efficiency special HEPA filters combined with Activated Carbon.

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Box Filters Multi Stage

The Box Filters Alti Filter MULTI STAGE are universal modular containers similar to Easy version, but with more than two stages of filtration. Can mount various types of elements such as cells Filter, filter bags, dihedral, HEPA filters, activated carbon filters etc.

They are used in any work environment, especially in hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical, photographic and chemical, chemical industries to deodorize or dust suppression purposes, in Machine Shops for oil mist and / or welding fumes, in Industries electronic equipment for filtering the air used in the assembly of printed circuit boards or computers. The Box Filters Alti Filter MULTI STAGE can be combined together to form many executions according to the need.

Air Flow: 500 to 60,000 m3/h.


Clean Room Softwall

Alti Filter Softwall SW Clean Room are inexpensive and easily assembled method of creating a cleanroom. They can range from a Class ISO 8 to a Class ISO3. Stainless stell construction, PVC strips antistatic also for use in Pharmacetiucal prefab wiring, supports with wheels for easy to move are the most common of many available options. Standard height is 2,5 meters but other working heights is offered on request.


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Laminar Flow Hoods

The Hoods Laminar Flow Alti Filter are employed in all applications where it's specifically requested a high quality of production or environmental cleanup. They can be installed to create localized areas "Ultrra-Clean" as individual workstations for e.g. in quality control of optical finish or on big Sterile Lines or special Production Process. Fields of applicaizone are many and include : Pharmaceutical, Food, Electronics, Chemistry, etc. and also for the production of Biomedical Devices, Vernicaiture in high quality, in Electronics or at Plastic Molding, in quality control of high surface finish etc ...

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Cylindrical Breathing & Safety Air Filters

Cylindrical Breathing and Safety Filters Alti Filter are used on loading and unloading of tanks containing food or pharmaceutical protection from external blanketing. Available in mlteplici dimensions and variants that cover every type of installation, efficiency and flow rates. Our technicians will tell you what is the best technical solution for your problem.


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